Online Professional
Development for Educators

(Perfect for para-educators and support staff)


We understand the difficulties and challenges administrators can face when trying to provide relevant professional development. That's why we’re committed to providing training courses that are engaging, relevant and thought provoking. The type of training that school staff can connect with and implement right away.

Frequently Asked

A special web page link will be provided to administrators to share with their staff. On the page staff simply create their own account. Once logged in they will be taken to all courses that are available to them.

A reset password link with instructions will be provided.

Yes. There will be a detailed video showing staff how to use the system. Staff can also use our email support.

Yes. When a user returns to a course they can resume progress from where they left off.

No. Course lessons need to be taken in order. Each lesson is followed by a short knowledge check which must be successfully completed before a participant may advance.

Yes. The courses will be fully responsive to tablets and mobile devices.